Apr 262016

Hello Haberdashers Old and New,

It’s games time! Come play with us at The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker from 2pm on Sunday 8th May.

This month we will be playing:

The classic board game of strategy and deception which has grown and evolved to make *you* the pawns, sneaking around the room, stalking the king, guarding your base and shouting terrible warnings about traps before it’s too late.

Trousers of Parliament
A brand new game of voting, strategy and political manipulation. Can you talk people round to your position? Can you slip your agenda through without resistance from the opposition?

Jedi Training School
Listen carefully, can you locate your opponents using only the force (or your hearing)? A classic Haberdashery game of stealth and stabbing people with foam swords.

Plus our our usual selection of smaller old favourites like lemon jousting, blind duelling, ninja, Danish clapping and others…

Check out the facebook event if you want to tell us you are coming.

We hope we’ll see you there!

Toodle pip,
The Haberdashery Collective

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Sep 182015

Hello Haberdashers Old and New,

It’s games time! Come play with us at The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker from 2pm on Sunday 11th October.

This month we’ll be playing:

The classic board game of strategy and deception which has grown and evolved to make *you* the pawns, sneaking around the room, stalking the king, guarding your base and shouting terrible warnings about traps before it’s too late.

Two Rooms and a Boom
From the lovely folks at Tuesday Knight Games this game raised over ten times its goal during its Kickstarter campaign so it must be good (it is). A game of social manipulation with one team trying to keep two players together while the others keep them apart. The only problem? You don’t even know who the rest of your team are..

Jedi Training School & Blind Duelling
Our stealthy games of skill with lots of foam weaponry and blindfolds. Listen carefully to locate your opponent before stabbing them with your (foam) sword or shooting them with your nerf gun.

Plus our our usual selection of smaller old favourites like lemon jousting, ninja, Danish clapping, Stand Off and others…

We hope we’ll see you there!

Toodle pip,
The Haberdashery Collective

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Feb 122015

Lovely Haberdashers old and new,

As usual, we’ll be playing board games on Sunday 8th March from 2pm in the lovely The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker pub and invite you all to join us. We’ll bring a few of our favourite games to get things started and you should bring yours too!

Don’t worry if you are new to gaming, there will be some friendly faces happy to teach you a new game or two, and if you’re an old hand there are always some keen players for the more complex games too (two of the crew have made a special request for Agricola if anyone has a copy they can bring).

The pub has food and drink, including some tasty non-alcoholic options, so why not join us for lunch too? We’ll try to be there from 1pm for a pre-game lunch and to greet any early arrivals.

Why not let us know that you are coming on our Facebook event?

Toodle pip,

The Haberdashery Collective


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Mar 202014

Lovely Haberdashers. The rumours are true.

This month we have a new venue and, hopefully, a permanent new home for our live games events. While we love The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker, and we’ll be staying there for board games next month, our new venue offers twice the space which means we can run bigger and better games!

So please come and join us at our new venue The Book Club, just a short walk from Old Street and Shoreditch High Street stations, on Sunday 6th April at 2pm.

Since this month’s games happen to fall the day after International Tabletop Games Day we’ll be playing some games inspired by board games:
Viking Monopoly – Invade or settle? Loot or pillage? Rampage as a mob or attack as individuals? Difficult decisions to be made in this game of strategic violence.
Stratego-a-go-go – A live action version of the classic boardgame stratego you’ll be sneaking around the board room trying to catch the opposition’s flag using wit, cunning and secret identities.

We’ll be running all our favourite smaller games like lemon jousting, ninja, danish clapping and blind duelling as well and if that’s still not enough to get you excited we’ll also be playtesting something brand new. A game of negotiation, cunning, cooperation and… umm… cubes. Lots of cubes.

So come on down and play with us! We’ll be playing downstairs from 2pm. Do try to arrive for the start if you can, we want to impress our new venue so that we’ll get invited back. They also do fantastic food, so why not come early for lunch before we start?

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Feb 062013

Our new year’s resolution was to organise our games days a little more in advance. Have you broken yours too? You probably have. So you should just give up your plan to spend Sunday in the gym, detoxing or organising all your paper clips. Admit it! You’d rather come and play games in the pub with us. You’ll have plenty of time to get fitter, healthier and more organised next year. Until then come and have fun with us.
(Anyway, Danish Clapping is probably an excellent upper body workout)

2pm Sunday 17th February
The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker

It is definitely at least half designed already. It will almost certainly be ready on time. It will definitely be new! And exciting! And a game! Just trust us. We know what we’re doing. We’re sure we do.

Should you build or hoard? Defend or attack? Pillage or negotiate? Try to be the very best viking you can in our fast-paced game of pillaging and destruction. Horned helmets not provided. Please bring your own if you require one.

Plus a selection of old favorites including some, all or none of the following:
Fairness Inc., Ninja, Gargoyles, Lemon Jousting, Blind Duelling, Blink and You’re It, Danish Clapping, Adventure Capital, Sangre Y Patatas

We’ll be at the pub from 2pm and games will start at 3pm.
We are experimenting with not using an advance ticketing system for this event. This makes it even more important that you arrive on time since we’ll need to adapt the games for the number we have. If you need a reminder email make sure that you are signed up to our mailing list (there’s a sign up box on the right)

While we will accept latecomers we can’t guarantee that you’ll get to play the best games. Also you’ll give us kittens thinking that noone is coming (you killed us last time guys, really). There is food and coffee at the pub and we promise not to judge you if you arrive with a hangover.

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Aug 012012

One of our crew is running a fabulous event next week and has invited us along to play some games.

We’ll be reprising the ever popular Fairness Inc, where you get to play robbers trying to divide the spoils at the point of a gun, and debuting a modified version of the wheeling dealing stockmarket game Adventure Capital

For more details see the event page or facebook event

There will be plenty more besides the Haberdashery and we’ve also been given a sneaky discount to offer any Habserdashers who want to come and play. Just visit the secret ticket shop and enter the code SNEAKY20 for a 20% discount.

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Apr 262012

The Haberdashery collective are proud to announce that their latest game:

Automaton Assembly

Will be open for all to play at:

The Tomorrow’s World Today Expo

A steampunk extravaganza on the:

6th May 2012

Prepare to bid against the clock to win the best parts bequeathed by a mad but brilliant scientist before assembling them into an awesome automaton to go head to head against your rivals in a series of challenging challenges.

Then go an marvel at the many other wonders of the expo including:
Professor Elemental
Dr Geof and the Tea Museam
Interactive Storytelling
Steampunk Marketplace
A Victorian cocktail bar
And hats! Lots of fabulous hats!

Tickets and more information at:

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Jan 312012

Don’t let the long evenings get you down! Come in from the cold and join us at a secret location near London Bridge for indoor versions of all our favourite games. There will be sneaking, bluffing, trading, gold, guns, drugs, lying, negotiation, betrayal and… well… anagrams.

Get your free ticket in advance from eventbrite to make sure we keep you a seat. Drinks and snacks will be available throughout.
We will be playing:

A fast and furious game of bluffing, switching and fighting for letters to make sure you get the longest and best word.
Betray your best friends for an R. Lie about a T. And be sure to watch your Ps and Qs…

East India Company Game
A specially adapted indoor version of our game of trading and opium smuggling on the high seas.
Trade in tea and spices! Evade customs! Collapse China’s economy! And how the hell to get rid of all this wool?

Fairness, Inc.
You’ve finished the heist, evaded the police and got the gold back to the hideout. Now the real trouble begins. With so much at stake, who can you trust to get your fair share of the loot?
Stay cool under pressure. Be sure of your aim. And survive to collect the pot!

Special bonus game:
It happens that 11 February is Sarah Palin’s birthday! To help celebrate appropriately, we’ll play an extra game of pin the something, well, anything, on the Sarah Palin. A prize for the best pinner and the best thing brought to pin on her…

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