About us


The Haberdashery Collective is an international conspiracy of people who make playful things… or, alternatively, a band of games designers, actors, techies and fun people, who enjoy making games, experiences, and events.

While this particular collection of people is new, its members are well-known around the pervasive gaming and interactive theatre scenes, and have already proven their ability to develop an inkling of an idea into an experience that participants will remember and enjoy.

Members of the Haberdashery Collective have recently made and produced games and experiences for igFest, Hide & Seek’s Sandpits and Weekenders and the Player Festival; at locations such as the National Maritime Museum, the Science Museum and the Barbican Centre; and for bespoke environments including corporate events, country house parties and birthday parties.

Who are we?

The Haberdashery Collective includes…

Casey Middaugh
Casey is enthusiastic and bubbly and 6,000 miles away. We keep her posted via email. She likes trees.

Josh Hadley
Josh always knows where he’s going. He likes ancient civilizations, civilized sparring, and juice.

Kevan Davis
Kevan compresses game mechanics and expects the worst. He doesn’t seem to have any photos where he isn’t a zombie.

Nick Giles
Nick has made half-hearted preparations for the zombie apocalypse, but is unclear on where he’ll plug the laptop in.
Ruth Ball
Ruth likes to play with guns but is likely to shoot herself in the foot. So she has taken to helping other, more skilful people play with guns instead.

Lydia Monnington
Lydia likes excessively complicated schemes which somehow work just right.

Matt Johnson

Matt deals with lots of the logistics, and occasionally wields his enthusiasm and loud voice at events.

Our friends

Members of The Haberdashery Collective also work with various other creative partners and groups who create play around the world.

Casework Productions

Hide & Seek




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