Apr 262016

Hello Haberdashers Old and New,

It’s games time! Come play with us at The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker from 2pm on Sunday 8th May.

This month we will be playing:

The classic board game of strategy and deception which has grown and evolved to make *you* the pawns, sneaking around the room, stalking the king, guarding your base and shouting terrible warnings about traps before it’s too late.

Trousers of Parliament
A brand new game of voting, strategy and political manipulation. Can you talk people round to your position? Can you slip your agenda through without resistance from the opposition?

Jedi Training School
Listen carefully, can you locate your opponents using only the force (or your hearing)? A classic Haberdashery game of stealth and stabbing people with foam swords.

Plus our our usual selection of smaller old favourites like lemon jousting, blind duelling, ninja, Danish clapping and others…

Check out the facebook event if you want to tell us you are coming.

We hope we’ll see you there!

Toodle pip,
The Haberdashery Collective

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