Nov 022014
Engineering Corps

Engineering Corps

Lovely Haberdashers old and new,

We’ve had to move the date a little this month, to the third rather than the second Sunday of the month. We hope it’s not too confusing.

This month we will be playing:

Automata Assembly
A game from long ago, where you will bid for parts and decode puzzles to create your own clockworks steampunk robots. Then see how they fair against the opposition in a selection of challenges like crossing rivers, carrying freight or just… FIGHT!

The classic board game of strategy and deception which has grown and evolved to make *you* the pawns, sneaking around the room, stalking the king, guarding your base and shouting terrible warnings about traps before it’s too late.

Sangre Y Patatas
A quiet, tense game about a hunter in the dark. If youve played before, we’ll be testing a slightly adjusted set of rules this time which we hope will make the game faster and scarier!

Depending on numbers (and patience) we may also give another try to The Walls Have Eyes, a new game we tested in September and think we have fixed now! We will definitely also be playing all the small classic games you love like Lemon Jousting, Ninja, Mitt Rowdy and Blind Duelling.

Come down and play with us! We’ll be playing from 3pm but feel free to join the organisers for lunch beforehand from 2pm.

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