Mar 202014

Lovely Haberdashers. The rumours are true.

This month we have a new venue and, hopefully, a permanent new home for our live games events. While we love The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker, and we’ll be staying there for board games next month, our new venue offers twice the space which means we can run bigger and better games!

So please come and join us at our new venue The Book Club, just a short walk from Old Street and Shoreditch High Street stations, on Sunday 6th April at 2pm.

Since this month’s games happen to fall the day after International Tabletop Games Day we’ll be playing some games inspired by board games:
Viking Monopoly – Invade or settle? Loot or pillage? Rampage as a mob or attack as individuals? Difficult decisions to be made in this game of strategic violence.
Stratego-a-go-go – A live action version of the classic boardgame stratego you’ll be sneaking around the board room trying to catch the opposition’s flag using wit, cunning and secret identities.

We’ll be running all our favourite smaller games like lemon jousting, ninja, danish clapping and blind duelling as well and if that’s still not enough to get you excited we’ll also be playtesting something brand new. A game of negotiation, cunning, cooperation and… umm… cubes. Lots of cubes.

So come on down and play with us! We’ll be playing downstairs from 2pm. Do try to arrive for the start if you can, we want to impress our new venue so that we’ll get invited back. They also do fantastic food, so why not come early for lunch before we start?

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Mar 022014

Ruth with many games

Come on down to The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker for our regular relaxing Sunday of board games. Don’t worry if you can’t bring one, we’ll be bringing a plenty to get us started and we’ll be ready to explain how to play. Do bring your favourites to share if you can, or even that game you made yourself and need volunteers to playtest!

The team will be arriving early for lunch, so do feel free to join us at 1pm for some tasty pub food or drop in later and eat as you play (just promise not to get ketchup on the cards).

Go here for the facebook event.


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