Oct 082013

Garden Games - Adventure Capital table

Salutations lovely game players!

As usual, to give us a break from serious organisation, we’ll be hosting a bring and play session of board games this month. We will gather on Sunday 13th October at The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker pub near Angel. Don’t worry about coming empty handed, we usually bring plenty between us, but we do strongly encourage bringing your favourites if you have them to hand. Bring your favourite people too.

We’ll be setting up officially at 2pm, although a few daring folks are often there as early as 1pm, and running through to 6pm when we have to give the room back. The pub serves tasty food and will carefully nurse your hangovers. We promise no sudden loud noises.

You can find the Facebook event here.

Hope to see you there,

Toodle pip,

The Haberdashery Collective

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