Jun 282013

Tabletop Games DayFor those of you with a more sedentary temperament, Sunday 14th July will see us back the The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker for more tabletop games from 2pm until 6pm. Be it card games, board games, or others that require a gathering of players round a table, bring it along, add it to the stash, and we’ll see what people want to play. We will of course be bringing some games from the Haberdashery cupboards, so even if you don’t have a game to bring, do come along.

As ever, the food at the pub is rather good, so if you fancy lunch come along early, I dare say there might be a few people there from 1pm, but no promises. Also, games will be starting throughout the afternoon, so late-comers, fear not, you can join the next one to start.

You can find the Facebook event here.

Toodle pip,

The Haberdashery Collective


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