Mar 312013

Come and join us for some games on 14th April, from 3-6pm, in what may actually be springtime. Of course, we’ll be playing safely indoors anyway, in The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker pub near Angel. We’ll have a few new games to try out, and a couple of old favourites to let everyone relax. We’ve got Mask-A-Pony, a nearly topical game about the perils of a long supply chain where meat products are involved. We’ve got A Herald Approaches, where you play a noble lineage and develop your own coats of arms, all in the name of claiming to be the most closely related to old people with lots of land to inherit. And we’ve got Stratego-go-go, the game that balances tactics, strategy, and trying not to shout your secret plans to the rest of your team…

And of course, we’ll also have a panoply of smaller games, such as Ninja, Standoff, Danish Clapping and more.

The larger games will start at 3pm, but we will be at the venue from 2pm, so feel free to come down and either play some small games, grab some lunch (the food is rather good), or just hang out.

Please pick up a free ticket here, and you can find the Facebook event here.

Hope to see you there,

Toodle pip,

The Haberdashery Collective

P.S. If anyone has favourite games they’d like to request we run, do let us know, we’re happy to oblige.

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