Feb 062013

Our new year’s resolution was to organise our games days a little more in advance. Have you broken yours too? You probably have. So you should just give up your plan to spend Sunday in the gym, detoxing or organising all your paper clips. Admit it! You’d rather come and play games in the pub with us. You’ll have plenty of time to get fitter, healthier and more organised next year. Until then come and have fun with us.
(Anyway, Danish Clapping is probably an excellent upper body workout)

2pm Sunday 17th February
The Blacksmith and The Toffeemaker

It is definitely at least half designed already. It will almost certainly be ready on time. It will definitely be new! And exciting! And a game! Just trust us. We know what we’re doing. We’re sure we do.

Should you build or hoard? Defend or attack? Pillage or negotiate? Try to be the very best viking you can in our fast-paced game of pillaging and destruction. Horned helmets not provided. Please bring your own if you require one.

Plus a selection of old favorites including some, all or none of the following:
Fairness Inc., Ninja, Gargoyles, Lemon Jousting, Blind Duelling, Blink and You’re It, Danish Clapping, Adventure Capital, Sangre Y Patatas

We’ll be at the pub from 2pm and games will start at 3pm.
We are experimenting with not using an advance ticketing system for this event. This makes it even more important that you arrive on time since we’ll need to adapt the games for the number we have. If you need a reminder email make sure that you are signed up to our mailing list (there’s a sign up box on the right)

While we will accept latecomers we can’t guarantee that you’ll get to play the best games. Also you’ll give us kittens thinking that noone is coming (you killed us last time guys, really). There is food and coffee at the pub and we promise not to judge you if you arrive with a hangover.

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