Nov 182012

Join us for an afternoon of games on Sunday 2nd December at The Islington pub, from 3-6pm. We’ll have Viking Monopoly as the headline event, where you get to choose between a life of pillaging or one of building, with supporting games such as Adventure Capital, and almost certainly some Ninja, Gargoyles and Blind Duelling to top up the fun. For those who want to be early, we’ll be at the pub from 2pm, so we can play some small drop-in games before the main event. The pub also does nice food (pizzas and sharing plates), so you can fuel up beforehand for an afternoon of games, and there will be a some acoustic music in the evening for those who’d like to hang around. We will of course be around for a while after 6pm to talk about games and listen to feedback.

The event is free, but we ask that you pick up a ticket from here so we know how many people are coming.

Toodle pip,

The Haberdashery Collective

P.S. If anyone has favourite games they’d like to request we run, do let us know, we’re happy to oblige.

You can find the Facebook event here.

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