Jan 312012

Don’t let the long evenings get you down! Come in from the cold and join us at a secret location near London Bridge for indoor versions of all our favourite games. There will be sneaking, bluffing, trading, gold, guns, drugs, lying, negotiation, betrayal and… well… anagrams.

Get your free ticket in advance from eventbrite to make sure we keep you a seat. Drinks and snacks will be available throughout.
We will be playing:

A fast and furious game of bluffing, switching and fighting for letters to make sure you get the longest and best word.
Betray your best friends for an R. Lie about a T. And be sure to watch your Ps and Qs…

East India Company Game
A specially adapted indoor version of our game of trading and opium smuggling on the high seas.
Trade in tea and spices! Evade customs! Collapse China’s economy! And how the hell to get rid of all this wool?

Fairness, Inc.
You’ve finished the heist, evaded the police and got the gold back to the hideout. Now the real trouble begins. With so much at stake, who can you trust to get your fair share of the loot?
Stay cool under pressure. Be sure of your aim. And survive to collect the pot!

Special bonus game:
It happens that 11 February is Sarah Palin’s birthday! To help celebrate appropriately, we’ll play an extra game of pin the something, well, anything, on the Sarah Palin. A prize for the best pinner and the best thing brought to pin on her…

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